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Idioms and Phrases - About

  • Out and about — resorted to normal activity; सामान्य गतिविधि में वापस लौटना  / After a long illness my father is at last out and about.
  • To hang about — to stick around like a slave; एक सेवक की तरह आसपास भटकना/बेकार की प्रतीक्षा करना / Many a men hang about the superintendent in Government offices.
  • To be put about — to be distracted; मार्ग से भटक जाना  / All of us were much put about because of our manager’s indisposition for a pretty long time.
  • To be dotted about — to be found everywhere; हर जगह मौजूद / Fifth columnists are dotted about India.
  • To come about — to take place; घटित होना / Whatever may come about, I must get first division in my final examination.
  • To bring about — to cause to happen; घटना का कारण बनना / Only a revolution in the country can bring about a change in the existing circumstances.
  • To go about — to move from place to place; जगह-जगह भटकना / You must stick to one job going about jobs will not pay you in the long run.
  • Beat about / beat about the bush — indirect means to reach a thing; किसी चीज तक पहुंचने के लिए अप्रत्यक्ष साधनों का प्रयोग / Do not beat about the bush, be clear and frank.

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